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Who are we?

RAWRENT is a studio and equipment rental company based in Bucharest, Romania, which started as Mediaholic Studio ten years ago. We used to rent and work on a lots of projects there, up until one point when we decided to buy it and transform it in what we call today RAWRENT. 

The basis of this project stands on a long friendship and partnership between Bogdan Petrice and Calin Timb. 

Bogdan Petrice is widely regarded as one of the most influential fashion and portrait photographers in Romania. His photographs have been published in magazines such as VueZ, Cosmopolitan, The Grand Magazine, Mint Magazine Milan, Trend Prive USA and many others. He has contributed to the success of music artists and celebrities as Delia, Antonia, Alexandra Stan, Smiley or brands like Henri Maillardet, Mengotti, Cellini, Il Passo.

Alongside his 12-year practice as a photographer, Petrice has realised a body of work as an art director, photography teacher and entrepreneur.


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